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Emergency home repairs notice

Due to the advancement of COVID19 and the current medical advice on self-isolation and social distancing, Wigan Council will only be undertaking Emergency Repairs and as required Inspections for Emergency Repairs work until further notice.

To search for a new home you now need to register for a Housing Online account this is a simple process, please register below.

Sign in below, or if this is your first time, select the relevant option to create an account.

Please note: This is not your Wigan Council MyAccount login details, this relates specifically to Housing Online. You can register using the same username and password as MyAccount if you choose to.

Option 1 is for existing tenants and applicants. This is for applicants already registered for rehousing and includes tenants who want to register a housing application for a transfer.

Option 2 is for new customers who want to register a housing application form.
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